JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – COVID-19 cases are on the rise once again in Mississippi. The state has been seeing a steady increase in cases since May.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed Mississippi was 7th in the nation for new infections last week with more than 10,000 new cases reported.

Mississippi now has a 25% positive rate, with 22 counties currently at high risk for transmission, including Rankin, Madison, and Simpson counties. The state is also seeing a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations.

The Mississippi State Health Department (MSDH) reported that 200 people where hospitalized with the virus on Monday, up 33% from the pervious week.

Meanwhile, the state continues to have one of the lowest vaccination rates in the United States, with only 52% of the eligible population fully vaccinated. Doctors are urging people to take precaution before a next wave of the virus.

“We’re not out of the storm. Wearing a mask is not a bad idea, especially if you’re someone who is vulnerable, someone elderly, with a chronic medical conditions. I definitely encourage you to wear a mask and continue to social distance when applicable. But also if you haven’t been vaccinated, get vaccinated,” said Dr. Timothy Quinn, of Quinn Healthcare in Ridgeland.