Digital First: Jackson artists 3D print masks for front line workers


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Three Jackson artists are collaborating to create masks for front line workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Kwame Braxton, Sabrina Howard and Shombe Jones are using 3D printing to create the face coverings.

“We’ve printed a hundred, so far. We’ve shipped out 60. We have about 40 left. What we’re doing with these, the idea is to donate a hundred mask to any front line worker that works in the medical field. They are made from medical grade plastic. You don’t have to put them through a wash cycle. You can use any multipurpose cleaner to clean the top,” explained Braxton.

He said the masks are created with a respirator and breathing is easy while wearing one. The printed masks are made from medical grade plastic. It takes about 11 hours to print.

The artists said the masks are also available for purchase. For those interested in purchasing the 3D printed mask, they may contact Braxton at or his on Instagram @godofkingsbraxton.


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