Exclusive: UMMC healthcare workers overwhelmed as pandemic rages on


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – COVID case numbers reported every day tell their own story, and sometimes it is easy to downplay what really going on behind hospital walls.

In a 12 News exclusive, three hospital workers from UMMC, Hilton Rahaim, Lydia McKee, Leeanna Crimm opened up about the overwhelming challenges they face while fighting on the frontlines.

The three said hundreds of patients come into the ER every day and can wait upwards of 13-20 hours just to be seen.

Leeanna Crimm said, “To walk through our ER, it looks like an intensive care unit.”

Lydia Mckee followed up saying, “We also experienced a lot of staffing issues between nurses getting sick and nurses having to leave for various reasons which has left us to have an unsafe nurse to patient ratio with these ICU holds.”

Cimm said it is hard to feel appreciated. Looking around at all the hurt and pain, she wonders if there’s really an end in sight.

“This isn’t a profession that you just go to work, and you go home. You take it home. You take all the sickness all the tragedy all the sickness, you take that home with you. And I think that it’s weighed on us a lot our physical emotional, mental. There are times where I just go in the med room, and I cry and that’s where I know I can’t be seen and I can just have a moment to myself,” Said Crimm.

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