Forrest General Hospital, Hattiesburg Clinic to provide COVID-19 vaccinations


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – A new alliance has been formed in the battle against Covid-19.

On Friday, a joint venture between Forrest General Hospital and Hattiesburg Clinic in the on-going battle against COVID-19. HealthWorks Immunization Clinic, they will begin offering COVID-19 vaccines to individuals, 75 and older, starting Monday, Jan. 11, 2021.

“Currently our strategy is to vaccinate 250 patients per day and 400 patients per day on the weekend,” said Chief Executive Officer of Hattiesburg Clinic Dr. Bryan Batson.

According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, the latest infection rate increased to 2,175 new cases since Thursday.

“So this is a very real threat to us”

Dr. Steve Farrell, Chief Medical Officer of Forrest General Hospital says the Covid-19 vaccine is safe and its critical many people get the vaccine, to help us move forward to a more normal life again.

“I do think it has proven to be safe, said Dr. Steve Farrell, It just gives us an opportunity to get back and participate in society again without the fear of getting ill”

As of January 8th, the current vaccination options include a series of two doses, given three to four weeks apart, the first dose is given three weeks prior to the second dose.

According to Forrest General Hospital, the vaccine can’t give a person COVID-19 nor does the mRNA interact with the DNA of a person’s cells.

Starting Monday, Jan. 11, patients can book an appointment through their Iris account or call (601) 261-1620. For more information on HealthWorks Immunization Clinic, click here. 


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