Gov. Reeves & health officials tour Camp Shelby


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Governor Tate Reeves visited Camp Shelby on Friday as the state continues to plan out its COVID-19 response.

Reeves visited different medical and military personnel. He also toured different facilities on the base. Dr. Thomas Dobbs, the State Health Officer, also visited Camp Shelby with the governor.

“We’re basically doing an assessment of, kind of, what is available. Because there is going to be a whole sequence of needs, from ICU space to hospital space to convalescent space to quarantine space. All of those have different needs obviously,” explained Dr. Dobbs. “Obviously, the ICU space hospitalized is not going to be but in those other areas. I think that we could get a lot of benefit out of what Camp Shelby has and really appreciate their willingness to talk to us.”

Reeves stressed that they are not moving anyone to Camp Shelby for any sort of treatment or quarantine right now. He said the base is there if they need it in the future.

“Every single Mississippian is at risk. Are there higher risk categories? Of course, there are. But the fact of the matter is, those young people that say, why should I stay at home? The answer is simple. Think about your mom. Think about your Dad. Think about your grandma. Think about your granddad. That’s why you should stay at home,” said Reeves.

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