Health Care Hero: Alisha McArthur-Wilkes


RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to grip Mississippi, the doctor’s office is one of the last places many of us want to be. Thanks to folks like  Alisha McArthur-Wilkes patients are still get the care they need. The Family Nurse Practitioner  is today’s Health Care Hero.
 Since coronavirus made its way to America, most of us have to be very sick before we’ll actually go to the doctor.

Alisha McArthur-Wilkes is a Family Nurse Practitioner in Ridgeland.

She says, “Yes, they’d rather do the telehealth. They don’t want to be exposed to anything, especially in a close setting with other who may be infectious.”

McArthur-Wilkes played a vital role in getting Quinn Family Healthcare virtual services up to speed.

She says, “Doing the telehealth, they are able to get the things that they need, the medications that they need, and then we’ll bring them in at a later time to do lab work if needed.”

So far, so good.

She says, “We can kind of tell if they are actually feeling sick, if they sound sick. They may be coughing over the phone. They may be a little horse, and we can see if they are running any fever, how long it’s been going on an how we may be able to treat those symptoms.”

Waiting rooms at you local healthcare provider aren’t nearly as crowded as they once were.

McArthur-Wilkes has also helped Quinn Family Healthcare become a research facility. She stays very busy.

She adds, “We are currently conducting an obesity study. We are also doing a study on atopic dermatitis, which is skin condition as far as patients with eczema. We are about to start a diabetes study soon as well as a colorectal screening.”

McArthur-Wilkes may have a lot on her plate, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She concludes, “I love healthcare!”
McArthur-Wilkes says she has treated patients with symptoms that are consistent with Covid-19, and those patients have been referred for further testing.

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