LENA, Miss. (WJTV) –  Health Care clinics can be hard to find in rural Mississippi. A Family Nurse Practitioner saw the need in Lena, so she filled it.
Situated between Morton and Carthage you’ll find the tiny town of Lena, Mississippi. It’s home to about 77 households and Lena Family Medical. Family Nurse Practitioner Becky Brown bought the building less than 2 years ago.

She says, “This is a very small community, but we draw patients from a wide variety so we see patients from 30 to 40 miles away.”

And Becky’s community is so glad she’s here.

Office Manager Shelby Henderson says, “She’s amazing. They’ll just brag on her, dote on her. I wish we could see the cards that we get for her. I’ve never seen a nurse practitioner that cares as much as she does.”

Becky adds, “We do everything from sick visits to just work physicals and school physicals, just different things.” 

That includes testing for Coronavirus. The pandemic has led to less people in the waiting room, but Becky and her staff keep rolling right along.

Becky explains, “Do a lot of phone calls, telemedicine, just calling and checking on, especially our elderly patients and they try to keep those patients out of the clinic at this point.”

It’s that type of dedication that has swelled Becky’s practice to around 1,000 patients. 

Shelby chips in, “I don’t think they could ask for a better nurse practitioner. I know, I couldn’t.”

Becky concludes, “I appreciate being here. I appreciated my patients, and they’re an extension of my own family and I want them to know that.”

Consider that message received.

Becky says she chose to set up her clinic in Lena, because she worked as a Home Health nurse in that area for 13 years, and those are her people. Becky is hopeful that a pharmacy will soon set up shop in Lena as well.