JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – When the wave of COVID-19 washed over New York, first responders were barely treading water. American Medical Response rolled a fleet of ambulances to the Big Apple and a Disaster Response Team that included Paramedic Bradley Roberts. This Health Care Hero went from Byram to The Bronx.

There is a saying among paramedics in Jackson, “One year here, is like 2 years anywhere else.” That kind of experience  served Bradley Roberts well when he answered the call for help in The Bronx and then Brooklyn.

Bradley says, “So we respond to major disasters that happen throughout the United States, where we are requested to. I just felt like I had a need and a duty to react.”

For nearly a month Bradley responded to a 911 calls.

Bradley remembers, “It was about 8 to 9 calls a shift. The pace was pretty similar to here, actually.”

The Disaster Response team was very well received in America’s largest city.  

Bradley says, “They treated us as family. Their local EMS service was the same way. The hospital staff getting used to kind of how we operate out of their city. They were also understanding. They were hospitable  to us as well.”

Through working together countless lives were saved, and New York got a foothold in the fight against the pandemic. And we’ll all get an even better paramedic out it.

Bradley concludes, “Just to have that experience, just the diversity in the city, situations and also call volume wise as well.”

Bradley is ready for anything.

Roberts says the most moving part of his time in New York, was the way entire EMS community came together to honor Paul Cary. Cary, a paramedic from Utah, contracted a fatal case of COVID-19 while serving in New York.