OXFORD, Miss. (WJTV) – Covid 19 hits everyone a little differently. Some people never develop symptoms. Others are in for the fight of their lives.

 Dave Johnson covers Ole Miss for 247 Sports. He’s the father of Rebel center Eli Johnson. And he was kind enough to join our panel on Sportszone Saturday in Oxford. When  Covid-19 crashed into America, Dave and his family took precautions. Still, he and his wife caught Coronavirus last Spring. Less than a week after he was diagnosed, Dave was on a ventilator. And that’s where he stayed.

Dave explains, “After I had been on the vent for 9 days, the medical team approached my wife about signing a do not resuscitate order, and their intention was to remove me from the vent the next day and just go ahead and let nature take its course. My wife refused to do that.”

That decision probably saved Dave’s life.

Dave says, “The very next day, I started showing a little bit of improvement. That improvement turned into 48 consecutive hours of improvement and then within a matter of days, I was off the vent, and on my way to recovery.”

Keep in mind, that while all this was going on Dave’s family couldn’t visit him, and his wife was also fighting Covid-19 herself.

Dave explains, “Our oldest 2 kids are grown, and could function and take care of themselves, but our six year old, that was a big issue, right there. What if mom went down at the same time? But thank God, she never did. She came through this thing with flying colors.”

With the unyielding love his family, great medical care , and thousands of prayers, so did Dave. 46 days after he went into the hospital, he came out. Now he’s back at work.

Dave says, “You can only imagine the financial burden that comes with something like this. I never missed a paycheck, ever, and to walk out of the hospital, and they have a multi-year contract renewal with a great raise put out in front of me, just speaks volumes for the people that I work for.”

So if we do get a football season, Rebel fans can rest easy knowing that Dave Johnson will be here to cover it.

Dave is grateful for the way sports fans from all over supported his recovery. He even got well wishes from former Mississippi State Coach Joe Moorhead, who is all the way out in Oregon.