STARKVILLE, Miss. (WJTV) – The on campus experience is vital part of a college education. To that end, Mississippi State rolled out its Living Cowbell Well initiative, which includes masks and social distancing. Now, thanks to a partnership between the Longest Student Health Center and the College of Veterinary Medicine, Covid-19 tests can be more quickly turned around.

Mississippi State University Chief Communications Officer Sid Salter explains, “Being able to administer the test on our campus, process and evaluate the test on our campus and then return it to the healthcare workers, who can communicate that information to patients will, without question, be a much more efficient, faster operation.”

Depending on volume, that’s hours instead of days. It’s nice to have a teaching hospital on campus.

Salter says, “The infrastructure and the pathologists and the technicians are already in place at Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine to do this laboratory work.”

And that has the bottom line looking pretty good, too.

Salter says, “We don’t think there is going to be a significant amount of outside expense, but what expenses there are, we hope can be recovered through the Cares Act.”

It’s the kind innovation of that leads to a healthier Mississippi State and state of Mississippi.

Salter concludes, “In this fight, there’s no Bulldogs and Rebels. It’s just Mississippians trying to serve the public and help save lives, and yes we are very proud of it.”

Mississippi State engineering students have also done their part in the fight against Covid. Their efforts include retrofitting 500 battery powered ventilators and creating a device that uses ultraviolet light to sanitize personal protective equipment.