RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – For seniors, or others, who don’t feel safe leaving the house, during the Covid-19 pandemic, getting the medicine they need, when they need it, can be challenging. A family owned pharmacy in Ridgeland has found a “Smart” solution to the problem.

  President Trumps says America is at war against an invisible enemy. Consider this the light cavalry.

Daniel Rowland is the Pharmacist in Charge at Saver Express Pharmacy.

He says, “We wanted to get something that is noticeable, and we wrapped it. (We) got a little smart car. I’ve got a young man that comes in and does my deliveries for me. He’s a college student, and he’s a great guy. He zips around town and does our deliveries for us.”

A decidedly modern innovation for a pharmacy that’s designed like the ones so many of us grew up with.

Daniel adds, “It’s a crazy time, kind of unprecedented, but we want to be able to meet those needs anyway we can, and the best way we can for our patients.”

Although they didn’t have to, Saver Express decided not to let customers inside the pharmacy for a few weeks. That doesn’t mean work has slowed down.

Marti Guest handles business development. She says, “We’re staying super busy, jogging from the cars back to the counter tops since we’re bringing it out the cars now.”

And Saver Express still manages to move more than just medicine.

Marti adds, “We’ll actually deliver milkshakes through the car. We will actually hold up gift products in the window to show, you want this or this. We’re still taking care of whatever it is that the customers need.”

And when things finally do get back normal, expect the Smart car to keep charging right through patients’ neighborhoods.

Daniel adds, “We do know them. We know them personally. We like to know what their medications area and how to provide for them.”

Marti concludes, “With that little bitty car, I think it could go on forever.” 

Saver express did deliveries before the pandemic, but that end of the business has recently extended into Jackson and Madison.