JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – University Dentists is the faculty practice at UMMC’s School of Dentistry. Routine cleanings and elective procedures are back, after the interruption caused  by the pandemic, but emergency dental service never stopped at UMMC.

This might be one of the safest places in Mississippi. At a well-fortified spot in the center of the UMMC Campus, dentists are getting people to open up.

Dr. Alexa Lampkin practices General Dentistry.

She explains, “We’re definitely wearing our N-95 masks. Sometimes we can wear a level 3 mask, if it is just a regular exam checkup or consultation, a full faces shield, a gown, as well was bonnets for our hair and shoe coverings if we are doing restorative dentistry which creates aerosols” 

Terrance Shirley was all smiles after his cleaning.

He says, “I’m not going to let this pandemic prevent us from getting good health care, particularly when I know the precautions they are taking.”

Just a few weeks ago, routine dental procedures had to be postponed, but Dr. Lampkin never stopped working.

She explains, “Basically, I just saw emergency patients. Whether it was a root canal, extraction or if a temporary provisional broke off a tooth. We just basically fabricated a new one just so people could be comfortable during the pandemic.”

Naturally she had her worries, but she pushed through it. Her job is too essential.

She explains, “We need to make sure that everything is stable and in good health, because everything works together in the body. We just need to make sure that the oral cavity is pretty good.”

We asked, “Is that where good health begins, in the mouth?

Dr. Lampkin replied, “Most definitely.”

So, if you’ve been putting off that trip to the dentist, it’s a good idea to put a little medical care where your mouth is.

Patient Terrance Shirley says, They have done a wonderful job. I have total confidence in them. Even during this pandemic.”

UMMC’s 28 Dental providers include a wide variety of specialists including periodontists, pediatric dentist and orthodontists