Holy Week: Passover begins amid COVID-19 pandemic


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As Christians around the world mark Holy Week, Passover will begin at sundown for the Jewish community. But they’ve had to change their plans on how they will celebrate Passover due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Passover is the holiday where we remember our ancestors suffering as they were slaves of Egypt and were freed from Egypt and freed from slavery on the way to the promise land of Israel,” said Rianna Weil.

For generations, Weil’s family has held Seders, or ceremonial dinners, but COVID-19 is keeping people a part this year. She is turning to virtual Seders Wednesday night.

“Tonight, I have a Seder with my brother and all the cousins in our family, and it will be a very short Seder, like 10 minutes so. We can get together and chit chat, and then tomorrow night we have a big family gathering.”

Weil said it’s a challenging time with the coronavirus, but there is something to take away.

“I think it’s really important though that since it’s a holiday where we focus on suffering with our ancestors, we can relate it to today with how many people are suffering from the coronavirus. So, our community can be bigger and broader than just the Jewish community when take a look at the suffering.’

If you want to join, the Institute of Southern Jewish Life is having a Facebook Live Seder at 6:00 p.m.

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