Hundreds gather in Jackson to rally against medical mandates


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Cheers, chants and signs all coming from a group with shared beliefs. 

“We don’t want the government forcing vaccinations on us we need to have our own medical choices,” said medical freedom supporter Douglas Walker.

Having the choice of getting COVID-19 vaccine, that’s what brought this group of people together outside the State Capitol.

“I am here today to let folks know that it is alright to have freedom and it is not a shameful thing that we have the right to make decisions on our medical choices and other choices that we have,” said supporter Don Hartness.

The recent outrage comes after President Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates for private businesses, one that developed controversies amongst many states.

“The definition of mandate is not a law a mandate is when someone tells you a king or a tarente tells you to do something that’s a mandate it’s not a law,” said Hartness.

The rally kicked off with a speech from Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson who said he feels the mandate will soon put thousands of Mississippians out of work.

“We would have expected something like that in Germany but it’s happening in the United States of America. You’ve got to show your papers if you’re going to eat. You’ve got to show your papers if you’re going to a restaurant. You’ve got to show your papers if you’re going to buy groceries at the grocery store, and now you have to show your paper if you’re going to make a living for your children and your families. We’ve got to stop this,” said Commissioner Gipson.
So far, 24 republican states, including Mississippi have prepared legal challenges to the president’s vaccine mandate. 

“Our religious beliefs are our political beliefs our voice should be heard no matter if you agree or not with what I say I have a right to say what I believe,” said supporter Bridget Achord.
Leaving some to say it’s a political infringement they will continue fighting for.

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