Infectious disease expert in Hattiesburg encourages people to get COVID vaccine


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Hospitals are filling up across the United States due to a recent spike in COVID-19 cases from the Delta variant.

Infectious disease experts with the Hattiesburg Clinic said it’s pivotal for people to get the vaccine. Dr. Thompson Liddell said there’s a rise in hospitalizations mainly due to those who are unvaccinated.

“One of the main things we see in the ICU, the people who are sick are unvaccinated. We’re not seeing people who have been vaccinated and still get sick from the virus. We’re seeing some mild cases. It’s important to get vaccinated for your own personal safety,” said Liddell.

The doctor said the Delta variant is easily transmissible, and fifty percent more likely to pass on to more people compared to the other variants.

“Delta is winning that right now. It’s the one that we are seeing predominantly in people who are sick. It carries a higher viral load in people, meaning they have more of the virus in there respiratory tract that they can spread to other people, and it is more easily spread,” Liddell explained.

He also said wearing a face mask is still a good defense from the virus.

“We still need to wear a mask. It’s kind of important we make sure we kind of go the extra mile for the people around us who still get sick from this virus.”

Health experts also urged people who have had COVID to still get the vaccine.

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