LCG orders beauticians, barbers, and more close as COVID-19 precaution


LAFAYETTE, La. — Mayor-President Josh Guillory introduced new precautions for several beautician businesses to close this Saturday until further notice.

All non-medical, personal services which cannot be performed while maintaining six feet distance from a client cannot continue.

Inside Diamond Kuttz on Cameron Street, there is an air of shaving cream, hairspray, and uncertainty.

“How can we take care of us if we can’t take care of y’all?” asked Georgio Howard, a barber and one of the non-medical, personal services workers who will have to put their razors, ink pens, or nail files down Saturday until further notice, as mandated by the Lafayette Consolidated Government.

According to LCG, said it restriction includes but is not limited to manicures and pedicures, hair cutting and styling, spa services, massages, applications of cosmetics, tattoos and piercings, and non-medical cosmetic procedures.

“I’m in constant, constant communication with our medical task force,” explained Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory. “When they give me a medical reason to increase our level of preparedness, I take action.”

LCG Medical Director Doug Clement added, “You can have say a beautician exposed to the virus for approximately 30 minutes while doing someone’s hair or vice versa. The beautician could have the virus and then spread it to all their patrons 20 or 30 a day would be significant exposure.”

Extra cleanings, masks, and appointment-only haircuts are some of the measures Diamond Kuttz has taken to ensure customers and barbers felt safe, but they have mixed feelings with no work at all.

“How do we get compensated for the time that we’re supposed to be at work because bills don’t stop?” asked Howard. “If I can’t get somebody in my chair then I can’t get paid.”

Fellow barber Harrison Senegal said, “We can all speak on money, speak on what’s going to happen next week, speak on food, but the virus is the main thing. Until you or somebody is infected by it, we don’t know what we’re going to do or how we’re going to react.”

This is the latest of a growing list of precautions inside in Lafayette Parish. Movie theaters, fitness clubs, and bars were ordered closed Tuesday, no dine-in options are available inside restaurants, and there is a curfew for unaccompanied minors from 8 P.M.-6 A.M.

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