Local doctor explains importance of flu vaccinations during COVID-19 pandemic


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – When it comes to flu season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some have been concerned whether a flu shot will make them sick. Local doctor Timothy Quinn, of Quinn Healthcare in Ridgeland, discussed the severity of the flu and how important precautions are.

“They can have some mild side effects, but it usually resolves within 24 hours. But if they get the flu, the symptoms are a whole lot worse and it can take your life,” he stated.

Dr. Quinn said another question he oftentimes get patients is, “If I get the flu vaccine, will I get sick?”

“I assure them that this will not happen, and the flu vaccination will not cause you to get the flu. I just reemphasize that this year is the most important year to get the flu than ever.”

He also said one of the main benefits of receiving the flu vaccine is it gives you a good chance of not getting the flu.

“Let’s say you get really sick, and you need to go to the emergency room or the hospital, they are overwhelmed as well with professionals treating coronavirus patients or if you need ICU. So, your health will be compromised because of the coronavirus pandemic, and then there’s a chance that you can get the flu and coronavirus together,” said Dr. Quinn.

He said a few of his patients have already been diagnosed with both, coronavirus and flu.

“In that scenario, your body is having to fight the flu and coronavirus, and there’s a much higher chance that you can get very sick or you can lose your life, so that’s why it’s so important for everyone to get the flu vaccination this year.”

Quinn Healthcare will be providing COVID-19 vaccinations and flu vaccinations in September.

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