Local politicians gather to collect and distribute donations to Edwards senior citizens


EDWARDS, Miss. (WJTV) — Senior citizens are more vulnerable than ever during the coronavirus era.

Senator John Horhn organized a giveaway to senior citizens in Edwards to help them power through the coronavirus era. 

Other representatives and Mayor Marcus Wallace gathered Saturday morning to collect, assemble and distribute these care packages to 120 senior citizens for the second time this month.

Senator Horhn explained that these kits contain the essentials they’ll need to prevail.

“They’re staple items– breakfast food, items for lunch and dinner,” Horhn said. “We have personal care products, we have towels, hand sanitizer, some cleaning products and what not, but we just wanted to help folks weather the storm of this pandemic.”

Mayor Wallace said that as the mayor it was his obligation to serve beyond his everyday duties.

“There’s a difference between a politician and a public servant and this is what you truly call ‘public serving,’ Wallace said. “We are at risk, but we were chosen by citizens to publicly serve and we were chosen by God to publicly serve.”

Mayor Wallace said doing this helps these seniors to get the most out of their golden years.

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