Mask Making Ladies of Lake Caroline


MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Americans are urged to wear masks in public. That’s led to a surge in production, from the corporate down to the grass roots level. A group from Lake Caroline is working to keep the medical community covered.

The call to action went out less than a month ago on a Lake Caroline Facebook page.

Lisa Lofton remembers, ” (I) Saw a post asking for people that can sew, So, I thought, I have a sewing machine. It has an owner’s manual. I can figure out how to thread the needle, you know.”

Lisa’s neighbors had the same idea. Soon masks were headed where they’re needed most.

Becky Frame says, “We would get orders of 5 and 20 and 15, then we would jump to 40, then they would jump to 90 and the last one, I think, was 300 masks and those girls are just pumping them out.”

So how long does it take to make a good mask?

Carly Walker is a Surgical Nurse by trade. She is also pretty good with needle and thread.

Carly says, “About 30 minutes. It takes more time to cut the fabric that it does to actually sew it.”

Some have adopted the assembly line approach.

Frieda Hawley explains, “We’ve kind of divided it up. We’ve got some cutting the masks, some making the ties and we’ve got about 7 or 8 that sew.” 

All that work adds to up to more than a thousand masks and counting. Donations of material are coming in and the finished products are given away free of charge.

Susan Godfrey says, “You know, God commands us to serve and there are a lot of people that need to be served, so that’s really a motivation too.”

While the pandemic persists, the ladies plan to provide plenty of stitches in time.

Frieda concludes, “As long we get requests I guess.”

A shortage in elastic has led to more tie masks. Many medical professionals prefer the ties anyway. Most of the masks are machine washable and can be lightly dried. The key is, always make sure to have the same side facing out.       

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