Masks Now Coalition in need of volunteers


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A group is trying to boost the number of protective masks in Mississippi amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They need more volunteers to help meet the demand.

Masks Now Coalition is a national volunteer organization that’s giving people free masks.

“Supplies are very hard to find right now. Joann’s Fabric sold out of a lot of things. Elastic is extremely hard to find,” said Lisa Fischenich, who is the lead for Masks Now in Mississippi.

Organizers said with the rapid number of incoming requests and lack of volunteers, it’s hard to keep up with the demand.

“I’ve been rather disappointed with this, because we have not had as many volunteers as I thought we would,” said Fischenich. “I probably have about 25% to 20% that are active. You know some people volunteer, you send them an email and I’ve never heard from them.”

And supplies are hard to find. Fischenich said donations are a great way around the supply shortage, but they still need people willing to help.

“Everybody can do something. If you can’t sew, obviously sewers are great, we need people to cut the materials. We need people to distribute them.”

If you want to join the efforts, you can text “Masks” to 50409 or go to the organization’s website.

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