Mississippi doctors discuss patient hesitancy for COVID-19 boosters


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – COVID-19 booster shots are now available for those who qualify, but doctors said there is some confusion surrounding the third dose.

COVID-19 booster shots are being recommended for those who qualify.

Dr. Lionel Fraser, with Central Mississippi Health Services, said, “Those who are over 65, those who are immunocompromised.”

The Pfizer vaccine is the only one with approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to distribute booster shots. Doctors at Central Mississippi Health Services in Jackson said a lot of patients have shown interest in getting a booster.

Shardale Mcafee, a family physician at Central Mississippi Health Services, said, “I would say one of the main questions we get is, ‘If I got a J&J or the Moderna, am I eligible for a booster shot?'”

“There’s not recommendation for that and those data are not available yet, so we have not had direction in proceeding that way,” said Fraser.

The booster shot is the same as the first two doses of the Pfizer.

Catherine Johnson came into the clinic for her booster shot on Monday.

“I feel it’s important, and I do have underlying conditions, and I want to live. I want to be happy, and I feel like the booster shot will enable me to do a lot of things,” said Johnson.

She said getting her COVID-19 vaccine was never a question, because she has a lot to live for and hopes others will get their shot, too.

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