Mississippi Moment: How social distancing is bringing people together


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – One of the ironies of the social separation mandate that we are supposed to be living under right now is it seems to be bringing us closer together in some ways.

I don’t know if it’s boredom after we’ve just surfed Netflix so many times we can’t find anything else to watch, or if it really is a concern that sends us to the telephone or face time or whatever to check up on people. Family and old friends.

And the inventive way we’ve come up with to stay together while staying at least 6 feet a part: Members of First Baptist in Florence made a parade complete with fire truck to welcome home little Jamie Wally after a several weeks stay in the hospital at Birmingham. Mom, Stephanie, has the parade posted on her Facebook page. The Wally’s still have a road ahead of them, but don’t you know, a greeting like this back home is going to make it a smoother road. And better than just somebody bringing over a casserole.

And my neighborhood notification on Facebook tells me that the teachers of Oakdale Elementary School in Rankin County are missing their students so much they had a parade through Reservoir East this week.

Distance bringing us together. What a concept. We are social creatures, we humans. Maybe it’s times of distress that brings that “human” side of us closer to the surface.

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