Moderna vaccine rollout in Mississippi


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The second coronavirus vaccine, Moderna, is on its way to Mississippi and the rest of the country. Here in Mississippi, one of the first places it will arrive is in rural areas in the state. 

There are a few differences between Moderna and Pfizer. With Pfizer, you have to wait three weeks to take your second dose in order for it to work while Moderna requires a four-week gap between shots. 

It also easier to ship Moderna around because the vaccine only requires regular freezing coolers hospitals and clinics already have. 

Since many major hospitals in the Jackson metro already received shipments of Pfizer, UMMC will be sending its Moderna shipment of 70 doses to its hospital in Lexington. 

Baptist is sending 100 doses to its Yazoo campus, 115 to Leake County, and 70 doses to its Attala hospital. Most expect the shipments to be fully in by Wednesday. 

Becky Duggan with Baptist Hospital of Yazoo City said, “There may be different ingredients so it’s important to know with Pfizer you have to get the second dose in 21 days versus Moderna which is in 28 and when everyone gets their vaccine they will get a vaccine card and it will let you know which vaccine you got. So it’s very important to know which vaccine you got because you don’t want to get the Phizer vaccine and then get the Moderna, not in the correct timeframe.”

One local doctor told us all clinics and family doctors’ offices will be able to give patients the vaccine free of charge if you get in the first delivery. 


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