Mom concerned after 11-month-old gets tested for COVID-19


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A mother is pleading with other parents to do the right thing and protect children amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as many schools and daycares plan to reopen next month.

Syndey Ricks said she had to get her 11-month-old child, Artemis, tested for COVID-19 on Monday. She possibly contracted the virus at a daycare.

“Sitting in the room was a little nerve wrecking, because you never want to see your child in pain,” said Ricks.

She shared on Facebook about what happened. Ricks said another parent neglected to tell daycare staff that her child was tested for the virus and continued to bring the child the daycare. She also said the other parent let staff know after the tests results came back as positive.

Ricks said she does not blame the daycare for this situation.

“I know that if they would have told them this, the owner would have been like okay, you need to wait until you get official results before you bring the child back. If they hear a child is sick, they shutdown how they’re supposed to, do all the necessary cleaning that they’re supposed to and get the okay to open back up.”

Ricks hopes that other parents will do the right thing and let other parents know that their children may be in harm’s way.

“What about that next parent? You have to think about everybody else, because it kind of just boils down to the point of are you willing to sacrifice your own selfishness and your own convenience to think about someone else’s well-being.”

Being a teacher, Ricks said she will have to send her daughter back to daycare. She said she’s comfortable with the one she’s chosen, but she’s a little hesitant.

“I think I am going to wait, maybe just up until I go back to work so that we can get back in that routine again.”

Ricks is waiting on the results to come back for her daughter.


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