MSDH warns North Mississippi after coronavirus case in Memphis


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi State Department of Health is recommending extra precautions to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to older members of communities in North Mississippi.

According to MSDH, older adults and those with chronic medical conditions are at the highest risk of hospitalization and death from infection due to COVID-19 activity in the Memphis area.

Health officials are recommending that all long-term care facilities, personal care homes and group care sites for those with disabilities in Desoto, Marshall, Tate and Tunica counties follow the recommendations below:

• MSDH recommends discontinuing group social activities.

• Consider restricting visitation until further notification. 

• Post signs that discourage all nonessential visitation and discourage ill visitors from entering the facility.

• Keep all ill visitors away from the facility for at least 48 hours after symptoms resolve.

• Consider limiting visitation by children (especially during community wide outbreaks) and the elderly or those with underlying medical problems that place them at risk. 

• Postpone all groups (like school groups or church groups) from visiting facility — this goes along with discontinuing all group activities. 

• Visitors should cover their coughs and be educated on the importance of hand hygiene.

• Make sure the facility has plenty of hand washing products and that visitors have access to them.

• Visitors should only visit their family members and should not have contact with other residents since they could spread the virus.

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