Ohio senator frustrated by delay passing stimulus plan


He criticized his colleagues for trying to add amendments that have nothing to do with fighting COVID-19

(WKBN) – After days of debate, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman says he’s growing frustrated with hold-ups to passing a new stimulus plan to boost the economy.

Portman spoke with reporters by phone a couple of hours ago from Washington. He criticized his colleagues for delaying the proposed trillion-dollar spending package and trying to add amendments that have nothing to do with fighting COVID-19, or helping people impacted by it, saying lawmakers can’t wait any longer.

“I’ve spoken on the floor now every day for the past three days, and I’ve told stories of people who have called me from Ohio, including a story of a small business owner who says, you know, ‘I’m waiting,’ and in his case, he called me on Monday and said, ‘I read you guys were gonna get this done by Monday. I’m watching. I’m waiting,'” Portman said.

Portman admits that lawmakers will need to pass even more spending bills in the weeks to come, urging them to focus on helping working people and businesses now and deal with other issues later.

Portman added that he wants to see the Senate approve new rules permitting remote voting, allowing members to be able to vote even if they’re away from the Senate floor during emergencies.

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