JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced the approval of a second COVID-19 booster shot.

People who are 50 or older are now eligible for their second COVID booster. To receive the additional shot, patients must have received their first booster at least four months ago.

As people continue to adjust to this new normal of living through the pandemic, some said they’re willing to get a second booster, if it means creating a safer environment for daily interaction.

Doctor Leah Smith said it’s important for people to continue to get boosted because as a person gets older, their immune system tends to weaken.

“I recommend that people get their vaccines and the booster shot. The reason is that it’s necessary because older people and those with immunocompromised conditions, their immunity will wane over time. They need the booster to make sure that they still have protection against COVID-19,” said Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Doctor Leah Smith.

“I have gotten the second booster. I’ve gotten everything else. I do plan to get the second booster when it becomes available. It’s important that we continue to protect ourselves with immunizations that’ve been down throughout the years. It’s been proven that they are effective,” said neighbor Valeria O’Neil.

You can contact your local clinic or doctor’s office to learn more information about receiving your second booster shot.  Click here to make an appointment.