St. Dominic doctor discusses increase in COVID cases due to Delta variant


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The new Delta variant is causing another major spike in COVID-19 cases in Mississippi. On Monday, the Mississippi State Health Department (MSDH) reported nearly 5,000 new cases in a three-day period.

Medical professionals said the majority of these cases are among the unvaccinated. A doctor at St. Dominic in Jackson said the new spike in cases are mostly in the younger population.

“It’s much more young cases that are in the hospital for longer. They’re not as sick but they can’t go home. They’re on high flow oxygen, there are some other things. The problem is it’s not that there is an ICU crunch, we have that, and it’s challenging, but the biggest is the long-standing young patients that are in the hospital for longer periods of time,” explained Dr. Damon Darsey, patient care services administrator for the hospital.

Medical experts encouraged everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated, and they advised those who are vaccinated to take vitamins and limit their exposure to large indoor gatherings.

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