Tips for teaching children how to wear masks at school


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Children across Mississippi are heading aback to school, and masks are now on the school supply list. Many parents are worried about how to make sure their children keep their masks on in the classroom.

Cara Williams, a certified child specialist, said to get your child ready for the classroom, you should start with explaining to them why it’s important to wear a mask.

“Wearing a mask isn’t normal, until now, and we want to make sure we validate children’s feelings in that saying, ‘Hey, this may not be normal, but we’re all in this together. Mom and dad are wearing a mask, so we’re going to wear a mask, too.’ And that way, it gives that empathy to know that they’re protecting others,” she explained.

You can even get others, like your child’s favorite stuffed animal, involved to help them practice.

“Get any kind of mask that you want. This can be your child’s mask, and this can be one the ones that your child wears and let them have the mask. And they can put it over their favorite pig, like this one from Moana. Slip it over the ears and make sure it’s covering nose and mouth, and there you go,” said Williams.

For smaller children you can try games. You can also practice wearing a mask inside your home with your child.

“Parents can wear their mask inside their home and that just lets them practice, and it make it less threatening when they can do it in an environment that’s comfortable to them,” stated Williams.

As for middle and high school students, you can allow them to unlock their creativity by picking their own masks or designing them.


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