Vitamin D could help body fight COVID-19 according to research


(CBS/WVLT) — Scientists all over the world are tackling the mysteries of COVID-19. New research from Northwestern University suggests that Vitamin D could have an impact on COVID-19 complications and death rates.

CBS reports that research from Northwestern University shows patients with severe vitamin D deficiency are more likely to experience serious complications of COVID-19 and higher death rates.

Professor of biomedical engineering Vadim Backman told CBS News, “Several groups we have identified, which have high risk of mortality from COVID-19, such as African Americans or the elderly, most of them do have very low levels of vitamin D.”

Backman stressed that while vitamin D can’t prevent COVID-19, it may help enhance the immune system and “prevent the immune system from overreacting to the virus, causing damage organ damage, including lung damage.”

CBS reported other studies are looking into the link between latitude, vitamin D and the virus. According to a study from the University of Liverpool, countries north of the equator experience higher death rates. A Canadian study claims that latitude and temperature are not associated with the spread of the virus.

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