Y’all Politics Poll: Voters approve of Gov. Reeves’ COVID-19 response


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – According to a new poll from Impact Management Group conducted for Y’all Politics, Mississippians approve of Governor Tate Reeves’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic by almost 83%.

The poll also measured voter sentiment on a variety of issues ahead of the upcoming 2020 elections.

Overall direction of the State

Over 55% say things in Mississippi are heading in the right direction.

Handling of the Pandemic by Trump and Reeves 

President Trump and Governor Reeves get high marks in their handling of the coronavirus pandemic, with voters giving favorable marks on crisis leadership to Trump polling at over 67% and Reeves at nearly 83%.

Favorability for Reeves, Hyde-Smith and Espy

Governor Tate Reeves has nearly a 71% favorability rating with U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith close to 55%. Hyde-Smith’s Democrat challenger, Mike Espy, sits at just over 40%

Mississippi U.S. Senate race

If the election for Mississippi’s U.S. Senate race were held today, Sen. Hyde-Smith would beat Democrat Mike Espy and Libertarian Jimmy Edwards easily, drawing over 58% while Espy polled at 31%. Edwards is claiming south of 3% with under 9% undecided.

Courtesy: Y’all Politics

Job performance for Trump, Reeves and Hyde-Smith

President Donald Trump received a 66.5% approval rating for the job he is doing while Governor Tate Reeves’ job approval is just shy of 83%. U.S. Senator Hyde-Smith received 61%.

Courtesy: Y’all Politics

COVID-19 threat: Health vs The Economy 

Mississippians were almost evenly spread when weighing the health versus economic threats caused by the pandemic, with 47% saying the greater risk was for physical health while 40% pointed to the economic hardship. Just under 43% said government leaders should consider health first while nearly 39% were focused on the economy first.

Courtesy: Y’all Politics

Reeves Response to Pandemic vs Critics

Nearly 72% agree that Governor Reeves is trying to make decisions to protect physical and economic health, rejecting his critics in the national media. As for whether the Governor’s actions have been too strict or too loose in terms of sheltering in place order or business closures, 35% say the actions were too loose, 27% view them as too strict, and nearly 27% say it has been about right.

Reeves and CARES Act money 

When asked if the respondents supported or opposed Governor Reeves’ decision to appoint an outside auditor to oversee the $1.25 billion in CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funds coming to Mississippi, nearly 74% strongly or somewhat supported Reeves’ decision.

Mail-in Voting

No-excuse mail-in voting has been a topic of debate in recent days as the pandemic continues, with Democrats advocating for it being mandatory nationwide in 2020.  Nearly 61% of respondents oppose widespread mail-in voting in Mississippi for this November’s General Election.

The statewide poll of likely voters using live operators was conducted from May 4-7, 2020 gauging public opinion on a variety of topics, including how citizens view the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and the job performance of Governor Tate Reeves and President Donald Trump.    65.97% of respondents were contacted via cellular telephone, and 34.03% were contacted by landline. Respondents were screened with 100% of respondents identified as registered to vote and 96.39% designating themselves as “Very Likely” to vote in the November 2020 General Election.  Results have been weighted to adjust for age.  Respondents were spread evenly across the four Congressional Districts in the state and the poll has a 3.98%+/- margin of error.

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