Shower Power MS offers services to homeless more frequently during COVID-19


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Restoring dignity to the Jackson Metro Area’s homeless population “one shower at a time” is the name of the game for Shower Power MS.

They provide a mobile shower unit service on Commerce St. for those without a home once a week, every week, but during coronavirus’ wrath they’ve had to step it up.

Jarred Couch with public affairs explained their additional efforts.

“We started doing a second day because everything has been shut down,” Couch explained. “They haven’t had anywhere to eat, anywhere to go to the restroom, it’s been really sad for them.”

Couch reminded us that quarantining is not possible when you don’t have the space.

“We have places to quarantine,” Couch said. “We can quarantine with our TV, with Netflix and everything and they quarantine still on the side of the road.”

The folks who get to take advantage, like Hood Garber, said that every time they finish up, they leave with a major boost of confidence and a smile.

“It brightens my day,” Garber said. “The people here are great. God put them in front of me. We’re just glad it’s available.”

In addition, the organization has also given people getting back on their feet like Chris an opportunity to volunteer — providing structure and something to add to a resume

“A couple months ago I was down on my luck a little bit,” Chris said. “I lost my job. I came up here to see if I could volunteer and got some volunteering in. These are my friends and family.”

The volunteers involved wanted to stress how the power of something as simple as a shower can go a long way.

“This circumstance does not define who they are,” Couch said.

If you would like to get involved with Shower Power MS, visit their website.

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