Former Hinds County Sheriff’s Officer denied plea deal: Exploitation and forgery charges

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A Judge denies plea deal for a former Hinds County Sheriff's Officer

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A court hearing took place early Wednesday morning for former Hinds County Sheriff’s Officer Alice Holly. That’s where a judge denied her proposed plea deal.

Holly had offered to plead guilty, pay a $12,000 fine and have a year of unsupervised probation to avoid jail time after being charged with exploitation and forgery. Witnesses say the victim was her own father.

In 2016 Holly was indicted on charges that she illegally transferred money from her late father T.C. Holly’s bank account to her own, while he was still very ill. She was also accused of having her father sign over power of attorney to her. Prosecutors say that allowed Holly to take property from her father, which she would later sell and keep the proceeds for herself.

Holly also allegedly forged a signature to change ownership of her father’s estate to her own. Barry Hobson, the Holly family’s spokesperson had this to say.

“She literally took everything he had and used it for her own personal greed. The bank account shows she paid her own bills with his money used it for her own personal use. You just can’t do that you are a law enforcement officer.”

Holly has since been terminated from the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office. In 2016 Holly was released on a $10,000 bond. We are told the judge may push the case to trial unless a more appropriate plea deal is agreed upon.

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