MSP inmate stabbed nine times and killed in November, family wants answers

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PARCHMAN, Miss. (WJTV) — A violent death in Mississippi State Penitentiary in Parchman left a Jackson family grieving, and with a lot of questions.

Jessica Anderson’s son was killed by another inmate at MSP in November, and she said that the facility’s staff has given them almost no information about the incident.

“He was stabbed nine times,” Jessica said. “That’s the only thing the coroner was allowed to tell.”

She said an argument over a cell phone at Mississippi State Penitentiary led to the death of 26-year-old Michael Anderson.

Michael was about halfway finished serving his 10-year sentence for an armed robbery when the incident happened on November 19.

Michael’s mother Jessica said every time she or Michael’s father tries to contact the prison, they transfer them to the Chaplain, who won’t go into detail.

“The only thing he tells me is that he died around 1-1:30 and that he can’t discuss nothin’ more,” Jessica said.

Jessica questions their supervision and staffing, wondering if they were unable to prevent an inmate from bringing a cell phone onto the facility… how can they be trusted with the inmates lives?

“I don’t think there’s enough guards,” Jessica said. “Whatever’s going on in there is not right. Something there is not right because they’re not telling me something. I don’t know if they’re trying to hide something or what, but there’s something that they’re not telling me.”

The Andersons said that what they want to come of this situation is simple: justice and answers.

Tamasa, Michael’s sister said that Michael had been in the process of getting his GED, taking anger management classes and attending church regularly as a form of rehabilitation.

In addition… the Andersons said that Michael was transferred three times without cause, from Holmes County, to Marshall County, to Carroll County which are all minimum security facilities, to MSP, a maximum security prison.

We have reached out to MSP’s communications department, and so far have not heard back.

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