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While the debate was going on voters gathered for a watch party at Sal and Mookies to hear the top issues addressed. 

Put on by the print outlet Mississippi Today some creative games also took place to keep people tuned in.

You’ve heard from the candidates and read and watched report from analysis but now the public weighs in on the GOP governors debate. 

With a full house packing the dining room voters from all backgrounds walked away satisfied with the debates structure. 

“I thought that they did an excellent job,” Maureen Watt said. “All three candidates did an excellent job of presenting their platforms.”

To keep people tuned in and up to date, Mississippi Today held a debate bingo game while the candidates talked with different topics to sticker if they were brought up leading to door prizes. 

“I originally thought watching it at my house would be better, but it wasn’t until when I got here and saw a couple of my buddies,” Brad Brewer told us. “And the bingo games were a great touch keeps you interested and gives you something to do and see everyone’s reactions.”

When asked following the debate most of the rooms left showing more support for candidate Bill Waller after hearing him speak. 

“The teacher pay I think he’s right,” Watt explained. “I think we’re going to lose all of our teachers in Mississippi if we don’t take care of them and Bill is very much in favor of trying to.”

One of the topics triggering the crowd was how women would be treated in the state referring to Fosters decision to not allow Mississippi today reporter Larrison Campbell tag along on the campaign trail alone.

“I think the reason it was a national story was it struck a national nerve,” Campbell said. “And so it seemed like a very reasonable question to ask, how do you stand on women working for you and being alone with them.”

And be sure to stick with WJTV between now and next week as we lead you to the primaries election day on august the sixth.

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