Canton Academy headmaster Ron Jurney introduces his athletes to the “new normal” for summer workouts

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Checking temperatures, sanitizing immediately, and separating into groups all play a part in this safe new process.

The Mississippi Athletic Association announced that athletic activities can resume this week. Canton Academy headmaster and head football coach Ron Jurney is introducing his athletes to a new normal for summer workouts and practices.

“Immediately when the student athletes come into the field house we take their temperature,” said Jurney. “We’ve already wiped down the equipment and we spray it down again with sanitizers imediately after they work out. We keep them separated as best we can and we do have a spotter for the lifter, but we make them stand back unless the lifter is in trouble a little bit and then we have them step in and help them.”

Jurney has the junior high and high school varsity football teams separated into two different groups to allow for more safe space. 

“Our junior high comes at 6:30 a.m. They come out on the track and they run and do their conditioning and then the high school varsity will be inisde at 6:30 lifting weights. After about one hour and fifteen to twenty minutes we send the other group out and the other group inside. I think our athletes are very excited. It’s an opportuntiy to get out with their friends and mingle amonst each other, not tightly but loosely. One of our primary goals is to see our team come together, play together as a family, work hard, take each game one at a time, and get better each week.”

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