Madison County Sports Zone hosts showcase to give senior baseball players a chance to still be seen by college coaches

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The cancellation of high school spring sports has especially affected unsigned senior baseball players.

Today the Madison County Sports Zone hosted its first ever Senior Showcase to give seniors who didn’t get a chance to play this spring a final opportunity to perform in front of college coaches.

Clinton head baseball coach Trave Hopkins and the owner of Madison County Sports Zone, Chris Haley, came together to make this happen. The showcase was able to to track everything through technology from their hit and pitch speeds, exit velocity, launch angle, and their 40 yard dash times. 

“I’ve talked to so many families during this whole thing over the last week or two and it’s the same story,” Hopkins said. “It’s my son got hurt or my son was sick or he transfered from another state so nobody knows him and he didn’t get to play.”

Included with these players who especially needed to be able to play their senior season of baseball is Clinton High School pitcher Collins Ormon.

“I broke my hand my junior year and I couldn’t play at all,” said Ormon. “So this senior year was my chance and it kind of got taken away.”

Through the use of Rapsodo pitching and hitting units, college coaches can simply login to their account and see the numbers for themselves. 

“They log into,” said Hopkins. “If they see a kid’s velocity is 92 miles per hour, well then they can click on that kid’s profile and see every pitch he made with video and see the spin rate, spin axis, and how much it’s moving.”

Rapsodo reports are almost more beneficial for recruiting than if a college coach were to watch the player compete in person. After all, numbers don’t lie. 

“There have actually been kids that I’ve had in the past two years that coaches were asking, ‘Can I get his Rapsodo report?’, said Hopkins. “One of the kids that got drafted last year, Christian Johnson, had many pro scouts that wanted to know his Rapsodo hitting report so they could just get an average on his exit velocity.”

Coach Trave Hopkins and Chris Haley made sure to take every necessary precaution to ensure the showcase was safe and sanitary for all 64 kids participating today and tomorrow. 

“We’re staying six at least six feet a part,” Hopkins said. “We only have six players coming in here at a time in 45 minute slots. The pitchers, well, there’s no catchers and we have a nine-hole net that they throw in. When they throw their twelve pitches, those balls get moved to the side and after they’re all done, they get wiped down by disinfectant wipes. They can’t pick the balls up. The coaches have to pick them up so they’re not touching anything that anyone has touched.”

The second and final day of the showcase will resume tomorrow at Madison County Sports Zone.

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