Madison-Ridgeland Academy sophomore Jackson Evers just committed to play baseball at OIe Miss last Tuesday, which may come as a surprise to those who knew him to root for the Mississippi State Bulldogs most of his life.

“It’s just something different,” said Evers. “I grew up a State fan. I was a State fan my whole life so Ole Miss just seemed like it was something different. I went to a camp in December and since then I’ve been talking to them a little bit and at the beginning of the season I had conversations with them. The second I first walked in there it felt like this is where I need to be.”

Since Evers made his decision and the pressure was off of him to prove himself, the MRA Patriot has been playing lights out in his summer SBG Sox league. He threw a complete game shutout in Atlanta yesterday.

“It’s like you’re used to having to kind of prove something to somebody, but now I’ve already proved myself so I just sit back and play now.”

The Patriots will have the current sophomore for three more years, and Evers has his eyes set on a state championship before he heads to Oxford.

“Obviously I want to reach the 90 mark and I also want to win as many state championships as I can with this team.”