Senior Spotlight: Four-sport athlete Brooke Musgrove was named Salutatorian at McLaurin High School

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Musgrove played soccer, volleyball, football, and ran Track and Field at McLaurin all while maintaining an exceptional GPA.

Four-sport athlete and 2020 Salutatorian, Brooke Musgrove, has left her mark on McLaurin High School before she makes her way to Oxford. Musgrove played soccer, volleyball, football, and ran Track and Field at McLaurin all while maintaining an exceptional GPA. 

“Well I started with soccer when I was four so I played it my whole life,” said Musgrove. “I actually got started on the track team my eighth grade year and I’ve done almost every event it seems like over my five years doing track. Then I decided to try out for volleyball and football the end of my eighth grade year to be able to start playing in the ninth grade. Volleyball was a lot of fun and I have made a lot of great friendships from playing.”

The senior kicker on the football team at McLaurin was about to graduate and that’s when Musgrove decided she might want to give football a try.

“Our senior kicker that year was going to graduate and we really didn’t have anyone coming up after him, so I figured I could get a year under my belt with him trying to help me and then I could try to come in and take over.”

She did more than take over. Musgrove impressed the coaches and players on the team and earned their respect from the very start. She did everything the boys did at practice, even flipping tires at workouts.

“It was a little bit of a culture shock because it’s definitely a different kind of experience,” she said. “In soccer I’m always around my girls and in football I’m around guys twenty-four-seven. It’s very different with that and also just the way we practiced was so much harder in football because you’re having to do so many different things.”

Musgrove was named the 2020 salutatorian at McLaurin High School and will be attending Ole Miss this fall.

“It was amazing and I definitely worked super hard the whole year to try and maintain that really high average. I plan on going into marketing and then maybe a concentration in pre-law at Ole Miss.”

Musgrove plans to compete in intramural and club sports in Oxford in her free time.

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