Democratic Ohio Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) reiterated at a televised debate on Monday that he does not believe that President Biden should run for reelection in 2024. 

“No, I’ve been very clear. I’d like to see a generational change,” Ryan said at a debate hosted by The Hill’s parent company Nexstar in Cleveland. 

“Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, the president, everybody,” he continued. “We need a new generation of leadership.” 

Last month, Ryan made headlines when he suggested that Biden should not run for another term, citing generational change. 

“The environment politically across the country is poisonous, and people I think want some change,” the congressman told WFMJ-TV in Youngstown, Ohio. “It’s important for us, in both parties, these leaders who have been around for a while, I think it’s time for some generational change.”

And last week, Ryan told Fox News he was not inviting Biden onto the campaign trail with him, adding that “I’m really not inviting anybody.” 

A Spectrum News/Siena College poll released late last month shows Biden with a 41 percent approval rating in the Buckeye State. 

Ryan’s comments come as his Republican opponent J.D. Vance works to tie him to the sitting president, mirroring a strategy seen in other contentious midterm races across the country. 

The state’s Senate race appears to be narrowing, with the Real Clear Politics polling average showing Vance leading Ryan by just 1.4 points. The Cook Political Report has labeled the race as “lean Republican.”