SAVANNAH, GA. – Herschel Walker, the Georgia Republican Senate nominee and former football player, was chastised on Friday in the middle of a debate against Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) after he violated the debate rules by brandishing what appeared to be a prop badge.

During a response to a question about crime and policing, Warnock took a dig at Walker, who had claimed in speeches years ago that he had worked in law enforcement. 

“I’ve never pretended to be a police officer and I’ve never threatened a shootout with the police,” Warnock quipped, also referring to a 21-year-old police report involving Walker that said the former football star talked about having a shootout with officers.

Walker then appeared to pull some sort of badge out of his pocket before flashing it to the audience. That drew a rebuke from the debate’s moderator. 

“You’re very well aware of the rules aren’t you?” the moderator said, scolding Walker for violating debate rules by using a “prop.”

While Walker has claimed in public remarks before he launched his Senate that he worked in law enforcement, there’s no record that he ever actually did so. Walker’s campaign has said that he majored in criminal justice at the University of Georgia and was made an honorary deputy in Cobb County along with three other Georgia counties. 

The Friday night debate was hosted by WSAV, a Nexstar-owned TV station in Savannah, Ga. Nexstar is the parent company of The Hill.