JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Hundreds of thousands of Americans look for seasonal jobs to make extra cash for the holiday ever year, and scammers use that to their advantage.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Serving Mississippi CEO John O’Hara shared tips on how Mississippians can avoid falling victim to holiday job scams.

“What people do is they offer you money, and they tell you to go shop at a store. They’ll send you a check, and they’ll tell you to go buy some gift cards from Walmart or a local retailer. Then they want you to take pictures of the back of those cards and send them to them, and then you get to keep the difference,” said O’Hara.

He also shared red flags that people should pay attention for if they are looking for a holiday job.

“You and I both have jobs. We go to work, and then we get a paycheck or direct deposit. No one paid us for work we haven’t done, so that should be a red flag number one is who’s writing you a check for that amount of money before you’ve done any sort of work for them? Anything involving where they just hire you on the spot, no interview process, not really clear on what you’re supposed to do. During the holiday times, there’s a lot of reshipping scams that go along where they tell you you’re going to reshape packages for people. Just think about it. It doesn’t make sense. Why would I have packages sent to your house for you to re-box or reship and relabel and just send them to other locations and pay you money for that?”