CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Amazon facility in Canton is gearing up for the holiday season. Their order numbers are expected to double in the coming weeks.

Seven-thousand robots are helping employees with the orders.

“These allow inventory to move much faster than associates moving to that inventory. So, it cuts down on the manual nature of that work and also ensures that we can scale up volume very quickly,” explained Senior Operations Manager Steven Cornin.

For the associates working, it is not just about packing and processing items but being able to grow within the company.

“Just three years ago, I was a tier one associate. I understand the ins and outs of the role. I see the barriers. I see the good points, the opportunities I saw about the benefits. People come to Amazon and they see the benefits that come from Amazon. You got your healthcare. You got all your community events. This is the best thing of Amazon. We represent a full portion of everything,” said Area Manager Mekahel Dotson.

This Amazon facility ships out more than one million packages a day. To eliminate the risk of stolen or lost packages, the company suggests utilizing their different delivery methods.

“Some of the things that people at home can do are use the designate ‘My Day’ feature at Amazon. Once they click ‘Buy’ and you can actually group your packages together and select a designated day to receive your packages. That’s one really great tip, especially if you’re going to be away this holiday, traveling with family and friends. The other thing is use the Amazon map tracking feature. This allows you to know exactly when a delivery driver is in your area,” said Divina Mims, Amazon Regional Communications Manager.

The Canton facility receives more than one million orders a day, and officials are expecting that number to double during the peak holiday season.