FLORA, Miss. (WJTV) – This year, a lot of shoppers are supporting local small businesses.

Christmas is less than a week away. There’s a lot of last-minute shoppers for this small business in Flora. This is one of the busiest times of the season.

“It’s been extremely busy, especially the last few weeks. Every year at Christmas, we have usually last-minute shoppers. They usually come much closer to actual Christmas. I have a lot of early shoppers, but we’ve been super busy, and I would definitely say we’ve been. It’s picked up since like 2020, which was pretty slow. Last year started picking up and this year we’ve been very busy. I think everyone’s excited to just come in-store shopping,” said Kenzie, an employee at Cotton and Tumbleweed.

For one mother and daughter duo, shopping local is another way to support the community.

“We like to support our hometown stores, but also the Amazon store is convenient when you sit at home and order online,” said Jonie Gray.

Small businesses are the backbone for this Flora community.

“It means everything, really. I mean, that’s how we keep our doors open is when people come out and shop. Our store is kind of unique because we have all these different vendors and they’re all local. We have 23 people you’re supporting when you support this one business. It means a lot to a lot of people. These are lots a little mom and pop shops in one big store,” said Summer Starns, the owner of Cotton and Tumbleweeds.

Shoppers said this season is about showing support and being there for one another.