JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Green Oak Florist and Garden Center in Jackson hosted their annual Christmas open house on Sunday, November 12.

Organizers said there’s something for everyone a the center, including their exclusive Christmas collection, potting your own mini-plant and pictures with Santa.

“It’s way better than I expected. It’s a lot of people coming in here. We’re really happy with how it tuned out,” said Regan Hobbs, the general manager at Juva.

One employee at the center said the vent is a great way for everyone to look at their new inventory.

“So next week, starting on Monday and Tuesday, we get our Christmas trees in, and they’ll be finished pricing by Thursday and Friday. So if anyone wants to come in and look for trees and place orders, we’d be happy to help,” said Blair Wilson, a cashier at the center.

Workers said this is their 63rd year hosting the Christmas open house.