JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Don’t let your rush to finish that Christmas shopping distract you from watching out for scammers!

Leaders with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Serving Mississippi said one scam they see get bigger every year are “puppy” scams. This is when fake companies post pictures of cute animals on social media and will demand through gift cards or wire transfer.

“The best thing when purchasing a live animal is actually to meet it, because just like people, they have personalities. So, you know, people will pick out the animal of their choosing. Lot of good local shelters and also breeders that you could buy locally and not be taken. Every year, we get people who get taken for thousands of dollars buying dogs, waiting for them to fly to the airport to go pick them up. They never show up. The money’s gone,” said BBB Serving Mississippi CEO John O’Hara.

Another scam they see is text messages or emails saying your bank account has been compromised. If you get one of these, do not click on any of the links in the message. You should contact your bank directly.