We are back with a few gift ideas just in time for Christmas:

  1. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream: This company was founded in 2008 in Brooklyn, New York, and now you get their tasty variety of flavors shipped straight to you. Vegan options are also available!
  2. Afghans by Aftan: This company makes hand-crotcheted goods from clothing, to bumblebees, and much more! Aftan is a Mississippi native who can be found at local markets across the metro.
  3. Cloudhaven: This company had handmade high-quality fashion jewelry. They have a passion for animal welfare and nature, and an appreciation for the little things. You can find necklaces, bracelets, and more on their website.
  4. Country Bumkin: This company is a streetwear brand with southern roots. The boot featured in this segment is inspired by Mississippi and even staples of the state on the shoe.
  5. Water to Go Water Filtration System: This company makes a portable water bottle and filtration system that you can take anywhere you go. The water purification filter eliminates up to 99.9999% of water contaminants and has been proven by lab tests at four different labs on four continents. For more information about testing and products visit their website.