Keep holiday decorations safe with these tips from Entergy Mississippi

Home for the Holidays

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Entergy Mississippi provides tips to stay safe this holiday season.

Follow this checklist to keep the holidays merry:

  • Never replace a bulb, inside or out, when a string is electrified, as the current used for one incandescent holiday light can stop a beating heart.
  • If you put up lights outside your home, be sure they are specifically marked for outdoor use.
  • For outside use, work only with three-wire grounded extension cords.
  • Use a nonconducting fiberglass or wooden ladder when working with strings of lights and stay clear of all overhead wires.
  • Turn outdoor and indoor holiday lights off when away from home or asleep in case of fire.
  • Keep connections and lights off the ground by hanging them over wooden stakes.
  • Use rubber gaskets in light sockets or hang sockets downward to keep water out.
  • Never let light bulbs touch flammable materials such as plastic, dry grass or leaves.

The company also offers pointers to conserve energy:

  • One large, inflatable decoration consumes about 150 watts of energy per hour and would cost about $6 per month if running for 12 hours a day. An inflatable item measuring four feet would use about 50 watts per hour, so operating three of these smaller inflatables would cost about the same as a large one for a month.
  • Traditional string lights use about 10 watts of electricity per bulb, and most strings have a minimum of 25 bulbs. One 25-bulb string light used 12 hours per day would consume about 90 kilowatts over the course of a month and cost just over $10. Multiply that by the number of strings of lights both inside and outside the house, and it quickly adds up to more energy and higher costs. Save money and energy by swapping traditional lights for LED light strings, as LED lighting is about 75 % more energy efficient. And because they are cooler to the touch, they are safer as well.

Lastly, the company recommends always using a timer to keep costs down and to keep your home safe.

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