MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – Local Cub Scouts are making sure deployed service men and women get a gift from home this Christmas. The boxes can make a big difference for service men and women during the holidays.

“It really makes you feel good about serving this country.”

On Saturday, Cub Scouts Pack 164 and other scout groups came together to pack self-care packages for troops stationed overseas.

“There’s personal hygiene items, candies, gum, potato chips, things that you may not see when you’re overseas,” said Cub Master Clayton Pickle.

Scouts were happy and eager to send troops a special gift for Christmas.

“You get the chance to make people feel good since they’re not with their family,” said Scout Judd Brown.

“They’re going to be really, really happy,” said Scout Camille Rodriguez.

Scout Master George Fondren grew up in a military family and knows how hard it is to not be with family during the holidays.

“During the holidays, not all families are together. If you have someone in the military, they may be deployed halfway around the world,” he said.

Chief Warrant Officers Jeff McDevitt and Clayton Pickle say the boxes make a difficult time a little brighter.

“We totally appreciate what they do because during the holidays, it’s hard being away from home. I just want them to know that the letters and the care packages are really something that we look forward to,” said McDevitt.

“When a complete stranger from wherever, Minesota, Michigan, they just send you something. Mississippi too, I guess. It doesn’t matter, it makes you feel loved, and it makes you feel happy,” said Pickle.

Nearly 300 boxes of happiness sent with kindness and gratitude from strangers.