RAYMOND, Miss. (WJTV) – With prices rising across the county, families may expect to pay more for the Christmas trees this year. However, this may not be the case in Mississippi.

Mississippi Christmas tree growers faced some challenges in 2021 with weather conditions and price hikes for many of their inputs. Many growers may decide not to pass those costs on to consumers of their choose-and-cut Christmas trees.

“Besides crop losses from storms, expenses have risen for equipment, parts, fuel and fertilizer,” said John Kushla, professor and forestry specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service. “But that does not mean all growers are charging more for a tree. Since the Christmas tree market is local, growers near a larger city may be able to charge more for trees, while those in rural areas may not.”

Kushla said choose-and-cut trees are selling for $9 to $14 per foot, which is in line with 2020 prices. Trees that are 6 to 8 feet tall will sell closer to the lower end of that range, and larger trees that are over 10 feet tall will sell at the higher end of that range.

Some growers also offer precut Fraser firs from Tennessee and North Carolina, which are in short supply. He said he expects prices for these trees to be closer to $12 to $14 per foot.

Michael Burchart, executive secretary of the Southern Christmas Tree Association, said most farms are planning to open in the next two weeks, while others are already open.

“The majority of farms open the weekend before Thanksgiving or the weekend after Thanksgiving, depending on how close Thanksgiving is to Christmas each year,” he said. “Farms that offer pretagging are already open, along with farms that offer other activities, such as photo opportunities, corn mazes and pumpkin patches.